Relay agent with dhcp server on same subnet

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Thu Nov 19 11:18:47 UTC 2009

Perhaps you could set up a class to match when there was not an
option-82 present in the request, then to put "ignore booting" inside
that class. Something like

class "ignore_me" {
	match if not exists option agent.circuit-id;
	ignore booting;

That might make dhcpd ignore the direct broadcasts.

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>So the only way to do it correctly is to use a switch that suppress the 
original broadcast DHCP packets. The one I use doesn't permit this.
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>> I think server nakew client request because there isn't any 
>> agent.circuit-id field in its packet.
>    You are correct. Your switch is acting as a DHCP relay but it does not 
appear to be suppressing the original broadcast DHCP packets. This means your 
server is seeing every request twice: once directly from the client without 
relay information and one via the switch that includes the relay option. 
>    The direct DISCOVER would have generated an error message in the server's 
log that no addresses were free and dropped. However, the direct REQUEST 
generates a NAK.
>    This is probably a configuration error in the switch.
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