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Ausmus, Matt mausmus at chapman.edu
Tue Nov 24 19:39:30 UTC 2009

Hello All,


We're using ISC DHCP pretty much everywhere in our environment.  It has
been suggested to me that we start using split scoping so I've started
doing research on the issue.  ISC includes the draft failover mechanism
which I'm leaning toward instead of just split scoping.  In fact, all
the documentation I've found available only refers to setting up Windows
DHCP servers split scoping but nothing with regards to ISC DHCP servers.
Split scoping appears that it would work fine and be very quick to setup
but would be not very elegant.


What are the pros and cons to using just split scoping between a couple
of ISC servers vs. using the draft fault tolerance mechanisms built into
ISC DHCPd?  1 obvious con is that DHCP leases would be split between 2
different machines.  What are some others and are there any pros to this




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