IP Address Fields in OMAPI

Matt Causey matt.causey at gmail.com
Wed Nov 25 17:15:00 UTC 2009

On Nov 25, 2009, at 8:42, Bruce Hudson <Bruce.Hudson at Dal.Ca> wrote:

>> partner-address = f0:2f:c5:09
>> local-address = 90:2f:c5:09
>    At least originally, OMAPI was very careful to use network byte  
> order
> for all of its protocol bits but not for the data components; the  
> actual
> DHCP data. Its been a while since I've looked at it in detail so I  
> do not
> know what if anything has been changed in this area.
>    It is possible I suppose that the two peers above happen to have IP
> addresses that are the same in the last three octets and differ in the
> first but the reverse order seems far more likely.
>    That make your address "" and your peer "".
> Do you work for IBM?

Haha, nope.  :) We are running this on internal ip address space.

Local is  Partner is

So you're right that the first 3 octets match.  But I have no idea  
where these numbers are coming from! 

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