Using OMAPI to remove leases on isc DHCP

Chris Buxton cbuxton at
Sun Nov 29 22:17:58 UTC 2009

>>>> we are using isc dhcp ver. 3.0.3 on SLES10. My question is, can active
>>>> leases be deleted using omshell?
>>>> I tried this an in tells me something like this:
>>>> "can't destroy object: not implemented"
>>> You can't destroy a lease on the server, because the client may still
>>> be using that IP address.
>> Yes you can. You can release leases via omshell. However, you must be
>> running DHCP version 3.0.6 or later, as I recall.
> Ok, you can release it on the server, but the client may not notice,
> and keep on using the address until the original expiration or the next
> time it tries to renew. I think that was originally meant as a way to
> reclaim leases from clients that "went away" without releasing the
> address.

That's true. I was simply trying to explore the issue the OP ran into, the error message in omshell.

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