how to count IPs in use

Simon Hobson dhcp1 at
Mon Oct 5 11:27:37 UTC 2009

Dima Fadeyev wrote:

>there are quite a few leases that have this line, but also have the
>"ends" date in the past. So, I'm a bit confused.
>lease {
>   starts 1 2009/10/05 09:24:16;
>   ends 1 2009/10/05 10:24:16;
>   binding state active;
># date
>Mon Oct  5 11:26:16 CEST 2009

11:26 CEST is 09:26 UTC, 09:26 is earlier than 10:24, therefore the 
lease expiry time is still in the future (at the time you rote your 

At the top of your DHCP leases file you will find :

# All times in this file are in UTC (GMT), not your local timezone.   This is
# not a bug, so please don't ask about it.   There is no portable way to
# store leases in the local timezone, so please don't request this as a
# feature.   If this is inconvenient or confusing to you, we sincerely
# apologize.   Seriously, though - don't ask.

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