dhcp and vlans

Stefan Pandele stefan_pandele at yahoo.com
Tue Oct 6 12:53:57 UTC 2009

hello everybody,
I want to do the following task and I do not know how:

I have a cisco l3 sw on witch I have many vlans
on every interface vlan I have an public ip class 
I want to add a secondary private ip class ( on vlan 100, on vlan 200, and so on) on each interface vlan.
after that when a client from vlan 100 have the mac address bind of an ip address form the public subnet of dhcp.conf, dhcp to give him that public ip address. 
if the user change his network adapter then the new mac address won;t be bind of the same ip address.
in that point I want that dhcp to give him a random ip address from the private ip address class range ( ex

if the clinet moves into a vlan 200 port, dhcp must give him an ip address from class ( ex
Thank you and please apologise for my poor English


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