Pool/Scope or subnet with PXE boot options?

Reissom Beshir Reissom_Beshir at Mitel.com
Fri Oct 9 16:02:58 UTC 2009

Bruce Hudson wrote:
>> a. How does a client request those options?
>> b. I thought all client within the defined scope would receive those
>>    options.
>    Client requests include a "parameter request list" to ask for the
> options it wants and knows how to deal with. Since it is possible for
> options to run out of room, the server provides those options in the
> order requested. It can provide more options if required but this will
> normally require special configuration.

Yes I realize that.
The answer from Glenn was in the context of 'filename' and 'next-server' 
options.   Sorry if I misread it.  Hence my query/confusion.  And there is 
no such thing in the 'parameter request list' for this, except if you 
consider options 66 and 67.  I think the server handles those like any other 

>    Of course, the "next-server" and "filename" options are fixed fields
> rather than using vendor space so this does not apply to them 
> specifically.
> They should always be included. In general though, as Glen said, a client
> is only given the options requested.

That is what I understood from the RFC.


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