combine "allow unknown-clients" with "deny all clients"

Simon Hobson dhcp1 at
Sat Oct 10 16:48:51 UTC 2009

Chuck Anderson wrote:
>Is it safe to combine "allow unknown-clients" with "deny all clients"
>in a pool declaration?  I just discovered that "known-clients" appears
>to only apply to host declarations.


>MAC addresses defined in subclass
>declarations don't match "known-clients".  So, instead of:
>pool {
>   deny known-clients;
>   allow unknown-clients;
>which still allows MACs defined in subclasses into the pool, I'd like
>to do this instead:
>pool {
>   deny all clients;
>   allow unknown-clients;

IFF it works as expected, then any client not "known" (ie without a 
matching host statement) will still be allowed regardless of it's 
membership of any classes. In any case, simply allowing any group of 
clients implicitly denies any that don't match - so that is 
equivalent to :
pool {
   allow unknown-clients;

>Will this work?  I don't want any known clients at all, whether
>defined in "host" declarations or "subclass" declarations, to be
>allowed into this pool, only genuinely unknown clients.

As above, probably not.

>If the above won't work, does anyone have suggestions on how to make
>this work.  I could use:
>deny members of "class1";
>deny members of "class2";
>deny members of "class3";
>etc. but that seems a pain if you have many classes, not all of which
>will be known ahead of time.

Not sure if you can define a class along the lines of :

class "strangers" {
   match if ( not a member of "a" and not a member of "b" ...)

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