combine "allow unknown-clients" with "deny all clients"

Simon Hobson dhcp1 at
Sat Oct 10 21:59:39 UTC 2009

Chuck Anderson wrote:

>Can you think of any ill-effects
>of creating host declarations for everything that is in a
>class/subclass as well?  The best way to solve my issue might just be
>to make all hosts defined in classes/subclasses also have host
>declarations like this:
>subclass "foo" 1:00:22:69:xx:yy:zz {
>	ddns-hostname "foo";
>	ddns-domainname "bar.baz";
>	option domain-name "bar.baz";
>host foo {
>         hardware ethernet 00:22:69:xx:yy:zz;

It'll just take longer to load & require more memory. Since I imagine 
you're generating the config via some sort of database/scripting 
setup, it shouldn't be any hassle to maintain.
Simon Hobson

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