dhcpd.conf variables?

Ray Phillips r.phillips at uq.edu.au
Thu Oct 15 11:09:22 UTC 2009

Thanks for your reply Randy.

>It is possible to store variables but be aware that these are stored 
>in your leases file also. Based on the size of that file this may or 
>may not be a concern for you.

Further browsing through Droms and Lemon showed how to create them:

set variable-name = value;

and it's possible to prevent them being stored in leases by unsetting 
them when they've done their job:

unset variable-name;

I also found mention of them in the dhcpd.leases(5) man page:

        set variable = value;

        The  set statement sets the value of a variable on the lease.  For gen-
        eral information on variables, see the dhcp-eval(5) manual page.

However, its promise of more information in the dhcpd-eval(5) man 
page was hollow--there's nothing about them there at all.


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