Migrating from a Cisco Routers DHCP to ISC DHCP

Zemke, Kai Kai.Zemke at smartnet.de
Mon Oct 19 10:31:07 UTC 2009

Hi everyone,

we are planing to migrate a relatively large dhcp network from a dhcp service on a cisco router to isc dhcp.
I'd like to know if anyone already went through such process and can point me to some tricky things I have to think about.
One thing I'm thinking of is the question: is there a way to keep the old ip dhcp binding table from the cisco router? And maybe copy it to the isc dhcp server?
Or what ways are pefered to make all clients get a new ip address on the new server. So that there are no adresses on the net twice because the lease hasn't expired yet
but the server offered this ip to a new client because he just wasn't aware of an old lease.

Thanks for your help

With kind regards
Kai Zemke

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