To add some filter rules in conf file

Ashmath Khan at
Mon Oct 19 12:58:00 UTC 2009

> First off - please fix your mailer - it's isn't quoting material very
> clearly. Also, please stop crossposting to dhcp-users at which is an
> old list address and merely forwards to dhcp-users at (making
> duplicate messages as it goes).
ok thanks.

>  No idea about the code - you'll have to grab the source and take a look.
> Just be aware before you start that there are some very subtle nuances with
> DHCP that are easy to fall foul of.

> I do have one last idea, though if it will work or not I don't know. If you
> check "man dhcp-eval" you'll find there is an "if ... elseif ... else"
> mechanism. I could see the possibility of using this to set a variable to
> say how far a client matched your sequential list of tests - so you could
> drop out the test with a variable set to "r1", "r2" etc. Then configure your
> classes with match if <somevariable> = "r1" and so on.

Sorry, I can't make out much from this.

> Finally - what are you actually trying to achieve ?
> Let me point you to the initial post I sent to this list:
Basically I want to filter clients based on some rules and the actions would
be to either assign some pools to them or ignore those clients. If a rule is
met I don't evaluate further rules. Hope its clear now!

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