Assign subnet's per group

Hugo Ferreira hugoferreira at
Thu Oct 22 15:44:42 UTC 2009


Wondering if i can do something like this:

Group some MAC addresses, e.g., per company department, as in man dhcpd.conf

group {

          filename "Xncd19r";
         next-server ncd-booter;

         host ncd1 { hardware ethernet 0:c0:c3:49:2b:57; }
         host ncd4 { hardware ethernet 0:c0:c3:80:fc:32; }
         host ncd8 { hardware ethernet 0:c0:c3:22:46:81; }


And then assign this group to a subnet.

Something like

subnet {
range blablabla;
*allow group;*
deny unknown-clients;

Can’t find the right syntax for that allow group or allow from group or
something like that.

1.       Is my idea possible?

2.       If so, can you help me finding the right syntax?

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