set doesn't work when used for client classing

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Mon Oct 26 07:07:33 UTC 2009

Thanks Philips. I was on vacation.

> The set Statement
> set variable = expression;
> The set statement stores the result of evaluating expression in a variable
> named variable.  This variable is recorded on the lease that is being
> processed, if a lease is being processed, and persists across restarts of
> the DHCP server.  If no lease is being processed, the set statement has no
> effect.
> After a variable has been set on a lease, even the expiration of the lease
> cannot erase the variable; only the unset statement can remove it.
>  Currently only integer and string values can be stored in variables.
>  Variables are scoped to the lease, so every lease can have a variable with
> the same name, and each of these variables will be distinct.
> The unset Statement
> unset variable;
> The unset statement removes the variable named variable from the lease that
> is being processed, if a lease is being processed.  If a lease is not being
> processed, this statement has no meaning.

I didn't undestand the lease part. Is this applicable only if lease is used
in conf file ?

I haven't used string variables in 'match if' statements but presumably the
> comparisons would also work as intended if the values in both the 'set' and
> 'match if' statements were quoted.
> I did try both, keep quotes all places and removing quotes, it doesn't

> Ray
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