DHCP not leasing for certain modems.

shishir saud shishir at subisu.net.np
Thu Oct 29 05:58:32 UTC 2009

Hi all,

Recently I am testing dhcp failover in my lab. I used both 4.1.0p1 and 
3.1.3 versions.

The case here is I have two variants of modems. One of those modems 
comes online without any issues but with the other, they dont appear 
online. What happens is they broadcast a DHCP DISCOVER and the dhcp 
server offers them with IPs but then I dont see any requests coming from 
them. If I revert them to my older dhcp that is running version 3.0.2 
they all work just fine. The configurations aren't different except 
there are failover configurations done in the test dhcp servers.

Any pointer ?? as what might have been the case. The CMTS is out of 
question and I am sure there has to be some issue with the dhcp server 
itself or I need to make some configurations. I can post my dhcp 
configuration if needed. Any hints or ideas would be appreciated.

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