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Hi there!

My company plans to move to a newer dns and dhcp environment. First of all, we will not copy the old zonefiles to the new server. we know all static entries (keeping extra lists). This way we can get rid of all the crap in the zonefile (dhcp-entries that never were deleted, maybe abandoned ms-ad stuff, ...)

the AD will re-register itself once we let it loose onto the new dns server, but my problem is now that the dhcp, tho I copy the .lease file, does not register any RRs, which print servers won't like... And I can't make them myself, can i? if I just add them into the zonefile via script, reading out ip and name, the dhcp will not delete these records (since the txt-rr is missing)

Is there some way to force the dhcpd to re-check if all the RRs for their leases exist, and if not create them?

Thank you

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