Failed Failover

Glenn Satchell Glenn.Satchell at
Mon Sep 21 00:52:42 UTC 2009

>From: Ronald Valente <rawn027 at>
>Subject: Failed Failover
>I am running ISC DHCP 3.1.2 on Solaris 10.
>When one of the DHCP server pairs fail, the other goes into a  
>maintenance state and fails to respond to DHCP DISCOVER messages.
>All I need to do to fix it is a svcadm isc-dhcp clear and it comes  
>back online just fine.
>Any ideas as to why this is an issue?

Hi Ronald

Service start up scripts are not part of the dhcp distribution, so
there's no clear answer to this one. However, a couple of general
svcadm troubleshooting tips are to use

	svcs -xv isc-dhcp

then examine the svc log file given in the output from that command to
see what error dhcpd is reporting.

Then you need to see why svcadm is putting the dhcp service into
maintenance mode when that error occurs. It might mean a change to the
service manifest to allow for that error, or to the service startup

(For the rest of the list members, this svcadm is a new feature in
Solaris 10 and Opensolaris. It controls the startup and shutdown of
services, a bit like the old init.d scripts, but on steroids!)

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