Multiple subnets, wired/wireless

Ashley M. Kirchner ashley at
Mon Sep 28 20:14:20 UTC 2009

    I'm currently running FC10 with isc-dhcpd-4.0.0 serving one subnet.  
I have to add a wireless router to the network now and want to have the 
DHCP server on this machine to do the IP assignments (I'll be turning it 
off in the router).  However, I also need to have a completely separate 
subnet for those machines connecting to the wireless.

    Right now our current subnet is an internal network 192.168.100.x  
The wireless will be serving 192.168.200.x  The two DO NOT need to talk 
to one another, they're going to be completely separate.

    Can DHCPd actually do this, serve two separate subnets and know what 
IP to hand out where and when.  Or am I better off just using a 
different server and setting up DHCP on there, specifically for this 


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