Russell Harmon russ at eatnumber1.com
Sat Apr 10 14:23:05 UTC 2010

I have a setup where i'm storing both my DHCP and DNS configs in LDAP. I'm
using isc-dhcpd, and BIND9 with DLZ in order to accomplish this.

I'd like to have dhcpd update DNS whenever it leases a new IP. I know this
is possible were I using the flat-file method, but I can't find any
information on how to do it with BIND9's DLZ.

Thanks for any help you can provide

Note: I've posted this email to both dhcp-users and bind-users because I'm
not sure which list it would be more appropriate for. My apologies to the
people who will get duplicate emails as a result.
Russell Harmon
RTP Computer Science House
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