Re: Failover/load-balancing with dhcp client bug on “seconds elapsed” field

Daniel Duarte dan.r.duarte at
Thu Apr 15 08:14:50 UTC 2010

Hello Glenn,

"peer holds all free leases" usually indicates that the two dhcp servers
> dhcpd.leases files are out of synchronisation. You might find that fixing
> that problem also solves this issue.

We've made all validations that we could remenber of cheking the health of
the failover pair, and both servers seem to be working normally. We only
have this error on the logs for some of the clients that belong to a pool
with only one IP.

On dhcpd.leases the lease state for that IP is free, so it should be
available. Couldn't this error be caused by having this lease "managed" by
dhcp0, and this dhcp-client "managed" by dhcp1, adding the bug on seconds
elapsed? (I'm not sure how the servers distribute the clients, and the pools
among them).

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