how to configure DHCP relay with ISC.

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On 04/15/10 17:11, Guo, Fei wrote:
> Hello All,
> can you give me an example about how to configure on the
> client/relay/server side, I have installed 4.1.1 version, a simple
> topology is the following:
> client ------------------------------------------ relay
> ------------------------------------------ server
> eth1
> I want get a IP address on client "eth1", it should be in net
> "192.168.1.x/24". thank you very much.
> Cheers
> Fei
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A fairly minimal example would be something like this.

client ---------------------- relay ---------------------- server

Relay configuration

The only important item to note is that you must listen on interfaces 
where you expect to recieve dhcp requests *and* listen for packets from 
the dhcp server. The default is to listen on all interfaces.

$ man dhcrelay

Server Configuration

Configure local and remote subnets identically. The server automatically 
switches the incoming requests to the right subnet. The server must have 
a configuration for the local subnet, even if it is not used for any 
dhcp services.

$ man dhcpd.conf
# global settings for all subnets
option domain-name "";
option domain-name-servers;
subnet netmask {
subnet netmask {
	# settings just for this subnet
	option routers;

Other man pages worth reading are dhcpd, dhcp-options, dhcp-eval. In 
total there would be close to 100 pages of documentation in the man 
pages. Of course, if there are any other questions please feel free to 
post them here,,,


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