DHCP over PPP - or how to use sockets instead of BPF?

David W. Hankins dhankins at isc.org
Thu Apr 15 21:59:15 UTC 2010

On Thu, Apr 15, 2010 at 02:51:17PM -0400, Patrik Lahti wrote:
> PS. I know IPCP provides IPv4 addresses and link-local IPv6 addresses, but 
> DHCP over PPP is useful to get other configuration (such as name servers) 
> as well as IPv6 (global/UL scope) address configuration.

This is basically a known design limit.  We've been trying to gear up
for a rework of the common interface discovery/socket-management code,
but haven't made enough momentum for escape velocity yet.

Essentially we only want to permit ppp interfaces for DHCPv6 since
DHCPv4 isn't specified for ppp links.

One of the thorny parts of this move is that we do still need to fetch
data from _some_ physical interface, like ethernet or etc, in order to
draw a MAC address to create an initial DUID.

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