DHCPv6 Router Option

Randall C Grimshaw rgrimsha at syr.edu
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Well, I did see something similar - but it was on an IPv4 network. The local administrator of a local network was running an Apple netboot server that was misconfigured. This affected Win7 because of its DHCPINFO request behavior. It would aquire a correct config, but the follow-up DHCPINFO request was being answered by the essentially rogue server - and corrupting the config.

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I've had a rather hard time narrowing down what my problem is (listed
at http://serverfault.com/questions/167410/windows-7-failing-ping-on-ipv6-in-dhcp-setup),
and I think I've finally figured out that Windows 7 does not put the
proper routes in place unless a default router is listed. I cannot for
the life of me find the option to set the router in dhcpd6.conf.
`option routers` only works for IPv4. and I tried adding the `option
dhcp6.defgateway code 99 = ip6-address` variable, and setting it, but
that did nothing.

Any ideas?

Brad Landis
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