Limit of fixed-address

Angela Perez perez.angela7 at
Tue Aug 10 21:31:27 UTC 2010


Is there a limit of how many IP addresses can be assigned to a client
in a fixed-address statement?

I work for a firm with many sites, so we need to assign each client
with a number of IP addresses depending on which site the work for
(specified by the second byte in the IP address). At the moment we
assign 3 addresses in a statement like:

host clientpc {hardware ethernet 00:02:61:03:78:0a;fixed-address;;;}

There is a requirement to assign a much larger number of addresses per
client, up to 32. I had a look at the man page but doesn't specify
whether there is a limit on fixed-addresses.

Thankyou very much for your help.


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