DHCPerf not working

Marc Perea marccp at srttel.com
Wed Aug 11 13:42:45 UTC 2010

Hello Rajitha,

having used the dhcperf, I thought I'd chime in since there are no other responses. The indication you're getting:

No response after 4 seconds: failed to acquire address.

is explaining what the trouble is - you just have to find out why the box you are dhcperfing from can't talk to opah on udp ports 67/68. Is there a firewall/router/relay-agent between the tester and opah? Does the tester know how to resolve opah to an IP address? Does opah have a pool and/or range of IPs that can be handed to the tester?

If you're running tcpdump or dhcpdump on opah, I suspect that you aren't seeing any traffic from the tester box. If I'm mistaken, please post up some logs so that I and others can review and help.

As a point of interest, dhcperf is a tool provided by Nominum, not by ISC - but I'm not sure that matters to you.

Good luck!


>I installed dhcperf on red hat linux. I cant seem to get it working. After 
>installing it, I tried the following two commands, but in vain:
>/usr/local/nom/bin$ sudo ./dhcperf --server opah --one-discover
>No response after 4 seconds: failed to acquire address.

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