Reg. dhclient.conf configuration (DHCP option 43 and 125)

Dominic L dom.sasken at
Fri Aug 13 06:48:40 UTC 2010

I want the decoded strings of DHCP option 125 and 43 in my dhclient.leases.
To be specific I need to create a successfull option space to decode option
43 and option 125.
Can anyone please help me in this regards?

I want my received option 125 to be printed like ALU1.DeviceManufactureOUI
and option 43 as ALU.DeviceManufactureOUI.
Can anyone suggest the configuration change to my dhclient.conf?

My configuration details:

*dhclient.conf: *
send vivso
send vendor-encapsulated-options
option space ALU;
option ALU.AcsUrl code 1 = string;
option ALU.ProvisioningCode code 2 = string;
option ALU.DeviceManufactureOUI code 3 = string;
option ALU.DeviceSerialNumber code 4 = string;
option ALU.DeviceProductClass   code 5 = string;
vendor option space ALU;
send vendor-class-identifier "";
option space ALU1;
option ALU1.DeviceManufactureOUI code 4 = string;
option ALU1.DeviceSerialNumber code 5 = string;
option ALU1.DeviceProductClass   code 6 = string;
vendor-option-space ALU1;
request subnet-mask, broadcast-address, time-offset, routers, domain-name,
domain-name-servers, host-name, vivso;

lease {
  interface "eth0";
  option subnet-mask;
  option dhcp-lease-time 86400;
  option dhcp-message-type 5;
  option dhcp-server-identifier;
  option vendor-encapsulated-options
  option vendor.unknown-3561
  option ALU.AcsUrl "";
  option ALU.ProvisioningCode "ALU.CARC";
  option ALU.DeviceManufactureOUI "001D4C:001517";
  option ALU.DeviceSerialNumber "0000CB0909";
  option ALU.DeviceProductClass "9365 BSR Femto";
  renew 6 1970/01/03 04:32:14;
  rebind 6 1970/01/03 15:39:54;
  expire 6 1970/01/03 18:39:54;

Dominic L A J S
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