receiving "not our server identifier" errors with only 1 DHCPv6 server

David W. Hankins dhankins at
Sat Aug 14 18:48:36 UTC 2010

On Thu, Aug 12, 2010 at 10:18:36AM -0400, Christopher D Haakinson wrote:
> I am getting some strange errors from DHCPD. I've searched google and found
> nothing really on the subject. Am I missing something from the dhcpd.conf
> file?
> Here's the error and my conf:
> Discarding Renew from fe80::221:5eff:fe5e:1075; not our server identifier

In DHCPv6 (semi-unlike DHCPv4 - it is something defined in RFC 2131
but due to some other IPv4nesses realistically servers sometimes
ignore the server-id), the server is explicitly directed to ignore
Request and Renew messages whose server-id doesn't match the server's
DUID.  Ostensibly the server identified in the client's request will

> (CLIENTID 00:01:00:01:4c:61:f8:a0:2a:c6:73:00:00:00, SERVERID
> 00:01:00:01:13:f6:b9:93:00:1a:64:60:04:30, server DUID
> 00:01:00:01:13:f6:bd:ad:00:1a:64:60:04:30)

Unless you are sharing a MAC address between your DHCPv6 servers, I
believe what you've done here is to delete your dhcp6.leases file,
thus erasing the previously tabulated server DUID and forcing
'dhcpd -6' to construct a new link-layer-plus-time.  Since the time
is different than the last invocation, the DUID is different (16
bits type (1 is DUID-LLT), 16 bits link layer type (1 is Ethernet),
32 bits time since RFC 3315 epoch, remaining space is MAC address).

The client should ultimately reach T2 and Rebind, will not include
a server-identifier (or if they do I think we ignore it anyway) and
the server will reply if it is able to provide that binding.

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