Off Topic: what is Nameserver?

Tim Evans tkevans at
Sat Aug 14 21:08:59 UTC 2010

I realize this is off topic, but I'm hoping some of the expert folks on 
this list can answer a general, DNS-related question.

I have been monitoring a domain for expiration for some time, knowing 
the listed admin contact, who registered the domain for an amateur 
theatre I also work with, was deceased.  We're hoping to get control of 
the domain name. (I do control other domains for the theatre.)

This week, the expiration date came and went, and there was some sort of 
automated renewal.  Now a few days later, the whois data for the domain 
shows it's name service has been transferred to ''. 
This is a NetSol-owned domain, and I'm wondering if it's some sort of 
parking lot for orphaned (or to-be-orphaned) domains.  Can anyone 
comment on what this might mean?


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