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Marc Perea marccp at
Mon Aug 16 14:25:16 UTC 2010

Hi loganathan,
How are you assigning the static addresses? From a pool of one IP per client, or with the fixed-address statement tied to some host entry? (i.e. class based or host based matching) We currently have over 13,000+ static host entries in production and dhcpd restarts in under a second when taking config changes and operates perfectly. As an added bonus, static assignment allows us to duplicate the config to N servers for redundancy without having to run any failover protocols.
On the other hand, we used to do class based matching and a pool of one IP per client, and things were very painful. dhcpd would take over a minute to restart and accept config changes, and would also have exceptionally poor performance (<5 DORA/s processing).
I don't know if there's a cap, but if there is it is easily higher than 13k and change. I suspect the only limitation is your system memory.
As the standard warning I've heard in the past, if you decide to match on something like MAC to assign these static IPs, beware of spoofing and be aware that this is by no means securing the network.
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