Leases file question

Gene LeDuc gleduc at
Wed Aug 18 19:02:33 UTC 2010

I have a cgi script that needs to read the dhcpd.leases file.  Apache 
(and the cgi script) run as user apache, while dhcpd is running as root. 
  I changed the ownership of the leases file to root.apache and set 
group read permissions so the script can read it.  It seems that when 
dhcpd does housekeeping, the leases file ends up root.root and my script 
can't read it.  This is v3.0.5 running on RHEL 5.

Is there a way to do any of the following:
1. Get dhcpd to maintain the group ownership and permissions
2. Get dhcpd to signal that it is has created a new leases file so I can 
change the ownership and permissions back to what I need
3. Have dhcpd do the leases housekeeping on a predictable schedule


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