Trying to configure ipv4 and ipv6 addresses on hosts using one dhcp server fails.

sthaug at sthaug at
Tue Aug 24 18:34:21 UTC 2010

> Now, when running dhcp for both dhcpv4 and v6 clients on the same
> server, dhcp service does not allow for an exsisting v4 record to be
> updated with v6:

As far as I know, ISC DHCP cannot handle both IPv4 and IPv6 using the
same dhcpd process. You need two instances of the process. See this
section from the dhcpd man page:

 The server either operates as a DHCPv6 server or a DHCP server, but not
 both  at  the same time. To run as a DHCPv6 server, use the -6 flag. To
 run as a DHCP server, use the -4 flag. If neither is used, the  default
 is to run as a DHCPv6 server.

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