DHCP Relay & Option 82

Alan Bryant alan at gtekcommunications.com
Wed Aug 25 17:41:36 UTC 2010

On Wed, Aug 25, 2010 at 11:19 AM, Bruce Hudson <Bruce.Hudson at dal.ca> wrote:
>    My assumption, largely inferred I admit, was that the network was
> still flat and that they were trying to reconfigure their IP addresses
> to facilitate a future split of the the network. That was why they
> were using option 82 to determine where the breaks will be, making the
> upcoming split less painful.

You are exactly right. We currently have a flat network and are using
this as the next step in getting it routed.

>    I did not explicitly say that that the DHCP configuration will have
> to change to match the real configuration of the network when the split
> actually happens. That means, as Simon said, getting rid of any shared
> networks no longer appropriate. A split network will probably make use
> of option 82 redundant.

I am going to try both recommendations and report back what works.
Thank you guys for your help.

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