DHCP Redundancy

Alex Bligh alex at alex.org.uk
Thu Dec 2 10:09:44 UTC 2010

--On 2 December 2010 01:08:16 -0800 Matt Jenkins 
<matt at smarterbroadband.net> wrote:

> The point is to get away from ever having to manually set anything again.
> The only reason to implement DHCP is so we no longer need a person
> managing anything except maintaining equipment. No one gets paid to
> maintain the system and there is less and less time for anyone to be
> "staff" anymore.
> When there was 30 to 40 users of the system keeping up with IP addresses
> and making sure there were no conflicts was easy. Now that its starting
> to exceed 250 its becoming a nightmare. Seems like every week there is
> another IP conflict that someone has to track down...

OK. So how about you generate a list of static assignments manually
somewhere, write some perl to turn them into a conf file, and distribute
that by rsync or similar. Then at least you have one file in one place.

Alex Bligh

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