OMAPI not working in 4.2.0

Alex Bligh alex at
Wed Dec 8 10:02:20 UTC 2010

--On 8 December 2010 10:51:10 +0100 Paolo Prandini <prandini at> wrote:

> It is a very short patch to omapip/protocol.c
> Anyone interested on the list?
> Please don't tell me to open bugs etc because I spent 8 hours tracking
> down the problem and finding and testing the solution, and I think it is
> enough. Maybe someone wants the patch ( maybe also the one for the
> interface-id problem ) and runs it through all the bureaucracy.

Personally I don't use OMAPI, but why not just post the patch rather
than asking someone to ask for it? After all, the original authors
just posted the code, rather than making you ask for it.

Alex Bligh

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