DHCP client request for specific hostname per interface.

Vyto Grigaliunas vyto at fnal.gov
Fri Dec 10 19:02:43 UTC 2010


Thanks for the reply.

We have migrated our DHCP service over to InfoBlox appliances, but it
appears that the InfoBlox DHCP servers will only accept the first instance
of a requested DHCP client hostname for DDNS update and ignore duplicate
requests for the same name.

This is not a showstopper, but it seems that DHCP clients in certain
situations (such as Windows boxes that have docking stations then undock and
Mac OS X boxes that have both wired and wireless interfaces active
simultaneously with one connection preferred over the other and then switch
from one to the other) will lose (or not have) DNS entries, which causes
some access issues (like with ssh to a server that is configured to check
for forward and reverse DNS entries).

The Linux dhclient.conf will accept options (such as hostname) on a
per-interface basis, and we were wondering whether there was a way to
configure a specific, unique hostname per-interface with the Windows and Mac
OS X clients.



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> > Hi...
> >
> > It appears that the Linux dhclient can be configured to request a
> specific
> > hostname per interface.
> >
> > Is there similar functionality with the default DHCP clients for
> Windows XP
> > on up and for Mac OS X ?
> >
> > Thanks...
> >
> > Vyto
> MacOSx and Windows Xp will accept any dhcp information you send to it.
> options on how to send data are written in the documentation.
> what exactly are you looking for? DHCPd can assign addresses to your
> client via specific interface. Your client will accept on any interface
> you set to receive dhcp info.
> -j

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