How to assign staic host entry to one of subnets on shared network?

Constantin Stefanov cstef at
Mon Dec 13 10:41:11 UTC 2010


I have a shared network with three subnets in it. One of them is for
unknown clients, and two are for known clients (one for NATed clients
and one for 'real' IP addresses).

I have a 'host' entry for every known client. Now I use 'fixed-address'
in 'host' entries to point which subnet the clients belongs to. But this
means that I should assign IP addresses for subnets manually, resolving
conflicts etc.

I want to make configuration without 'fixed-address' in 'host' entries.
But still I want to have the possibility to point which 'host' entry
belongs to which subnet. How can this be done? I can make a pool for
each subnet, but how can i match clients to the pool?

Constantin Stefanov,

Research Computing Center
M.V Lomonosov Moscow State University

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