Support for RFC 3396 - Encoding of long options

Jiri Popelka jpopelka at
Thu Dec 16 12:20:37 UTC 2010

RFC 3396 is listed in doc/References.txt so I guess it means that ISC 
DHCP implements it.
But I also would like to know the correct answer, because RFC 3369 
support is needed for
RFC 3442 (Classless Static Route Option) implementation.

Jiri Popelka
Red Hat, inc.

On 12/15/2010 12:47 PM, VithalPrasad Gaitonde wrote:
> Hi,
> Does ISC DHCP server and client support RFC 3396 - Encoding of Long 
> options in DHCPv4 i.e. when the length of the option value is longer 
> than 255 bytes.
> Thanks,
> Prasad

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