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Simon Hobson dhcp1 at
Thu Dec 16 12:39:00 UTC 2010

marco perugini wrote:

>i've my pool [] and there are two different gw that forward
>dhcpdiscover to my server:
>so i want to split my pool to assign range - to
>'s requests and the other half to's; how can
>i class the gateways in dhcpd.conf? does anyone know what i have to match?

What are you trying to achieve ? What is your network topology ?

Neither of those IPs is a valid address in the subnet, so 
nethier is actually valid as a gateway in,, 

But if you mean you have two gateways, each of which serves a 
separate network, and :

192.168.2.w/x is to be a shared network with
192.168.98.y/z is to be a shared network with

then all you need to do is declare the shared networks properly and 
the rest is automagic.

So why the shared networks ?

Just to be sure we understand each other. A shared network is where 
one collision domain (a physical network where devices can talk 
directly to each other without a router) has more than one IP subnet 
assigned on it.

The config option for this is shared-network and is used like this :

shared-network "x" {
   ... <shared-network specific options>
   subnet ... {
     ... <subnet specific options>
   subnet subnet mask {

Also note that you cannot use to in a range in a 
/25 subnet. .127 is the broadcast address and so is not usable, and 
you MUST have a router in the subnet so that will require an IP 
So you might put the router on and use to for your pool.

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