.Re: dhcpv6 server and dhclient IA_PD support .

Patrik Lahti plahti at qnx.com
Wed Jun 2 20:27:36 UTC 2010

Not sure what you mean, but I think this is outside the scope of 
dhclient and in the realm of possibilities driven from the script...

In your script you have a lot of options. You can e.g. have a separate 
configuration file which tells the script (or an executable that it 
launches) what to do with the prefix, e.g. which interface to assign it 
to, or how to split it up into sub-prefixes (if it is shorter than 
64bits) and assign sub-prefixes to interfaces.

After assigning the prefix to an interface, the script can either 
configure and launch rtadvd, or it can configure and launch a DHCP 
server for configuring clients on the subnet - by putting it in a DHCP 
server's conf file as a range.

It can even sub-delegate the prefix, or parts of it, by putting it as a 
prefix into the DHCP server's conf file... And/or you can consider relay 
scenarios as well...

Possibilities abound...

PS. You'd want to make sure that, as far as possible, the client assigns 
(or sub-delegates) the same prefix to the same interface in order to 
avoid unnecessary renumbering...

On 10-05-31 05:54 PM, Aaron Murrihy wrote:
> Yes, dhclient does do this, and setting up this hook script is quite easy.
> The problem is that dhclient does not have a configuration option for
> binding the requested prefix to another interface on that device.
> This functionality is essential for subleasing adrresses from this
> delegated prefixes.
> If I am mistaken in this though, please let me know because it would
> be a huge relief for me.
> On Tue, Jun 1, 2010 at 2:30 AM, Patrik Lahti<plahti at qnx.com>  wrote:
>> I haven't tried this, but AFAICT from the code, dhclient will provide
>> $ip6_prefix to the dhclient-script when it has received a delegated prefix.
>> All you'd have to do is implement a suitable script which creates/updates a
>> rtadvd.conf and re/starts/stops rtadvd accordingly...
>> /P
>> On 10-05-27 09:08 PM, Aaron Murrihy wrote:
>>> Hi Kunal.
>>> I asked this exact same question on this mailing list a couple of
>>> weeks back, but unfortunately no answer was able to be provided.
>>> Let me outline the fruits of my labours thus far: In the man pages
>>> where it says that "option dhcp6.ia-pd" is not implemented is an
>>> error, it actually has. This has been fixed in the 4.2 beta. I have
>>> been unable to discover a way to bind a prefix (or address) to
>>> another interface on the device. It seems an odd feature to not
>>> have. WIDE DHCP has a very simple config option for doing this.
>>> This is an example of the server config I am using to delegate a
>>> prefix: default-lease-time 600; max-lease-time 7200; log-facility
>>> local7; subnet6 2001:db8:0:1::/64 { # Range for clients range6
>>> 2001:db8:0:1::129 2001:db8:0:1::254; # Prefix range for delegation to
>>> sub-routers prefix6 2000:1:1:100:: 2000:1:1:f00:: /56; }
>>> You just have to request a prefix using the client's -P option.
>>> Anymore questions don't hesitate to ask either using this mailing
>>> list or my personal email address.
>>> Also might I ask if you have any breakthroughs in this area to let me
>>> know?
>>> Cheers Aaron
>>> On Thu, May 27, 2010 at 10:57 PM, Kunal Sharma<KSharma at westell.com>
>>> wrote:
>>>> Friends,
>>>> I'm new to using ISC DHCP and I have 4.1.1 source code. For my
>>>> *practical* purpose, I have a running configuration of server and
>>>> client working in tandem. But its just basic.
>>>> I've looked at the "option dhcp6.ia-pd" on the server end (and I
>>>> can't seem to find any example config for the same) but nothing for
>>>> the client. I also have my doubts what with all the documentation
>>>> saying this might not be supported yet. Does the support exist in
>>>> 4.1.1 ?
>>>> I need to be able to configure my dhclient in a way that its
>>>> request a PD from the server and configures one or more interfaces
>>>> based on that. How would the dhclient configure different subnets
>>>> on different interfaces (for simplicity's sake, lets consider just
>>>> one subnet for one interface) from the prefix delegated by the
>>>> server ?
>>>> Thanks, Kunal
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