DHCP Logging

Blake Griffin blake at ccfargo.com
Sat Jun 26 04:32:02 UTC 2010

I am trying to do detailed logging of DHCP and keep it in a standard
format so that it can be sent to a mysql database with entries for type
(set-top box or data), addy, mac, host-name, AID, CID, and event type
(commit, release, expiry).  I have multiple scenarios in which portions
of this data is available.  The scenarios are:


-set-top-box, no host-name, AID, no CID

-set-top-box, no host-name, AID, CID

-data, host-name, AID, CID

-data, host-name, AID, no CID

-data, no host-name, AID, CID

-data, no host-name, AID, no CID


I know this can be accomplished via combinations of if statements, etc.
With the various scenarios, it can get very lengthy and convoluted.  Im
looking for a more elegant way to accomplish this.


So that I can just use one set of statements for on commit, on expiry,
on release -  is there a way so that when the CID or host-name does not
exist, to set those options within the dhcpd.conf file to a specific
text string to log (i.e. null or ----) .  Also can you define variables
within dhcpd.conf to be used within the log statements (i.e. - if option
vendor-class-identifier = "STRING" TYPE = "STB OR DATA").




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