what is a suitable scope for isc dhcp?

Neff_Glen at emc.com Neff_Glen at emc.com
Mon Jun 28 14:12:19 UTC 2010

I can't comment on 30k reservations, but I do this many with no issues:

root at thebrain-/usr/local/etc# grep -c hardware\ ethernet dhcpd.conf
root at thebrain-/usr/local/etc# 


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could I get advice on how big dhcpd.conf file can be? the purpose is I want use dhcpd.conf to do authentication by using host xxx { hostware ethernet....}.


if I need list 30,000 host statement, is dhcpd will crash? or some perfermance isse? ( I mean using unix or linux box).


if possible isc dhcpd can work with database? or if possible can seperate host statements from dhcpd.conf file as an extended file?


Any comments will be appreciated


Thanks in advance


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