Loggin option 82 AID and CID

Blake Griffin blake at ccfargo.com
Tue Jun 29 15:18:11 UTC 2010

Is there anyway to filter that out without having to know the exact
substring size?

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Hi Blake

There could be a null or unprintable char in the remote-id or agent-id 
strings. You could test this by using binary-to-ascii to decode that 
string so you could see all the values, eg:

pick-first-value(binary-to-ascii(8,8,":", option agent.remote-id),

Remote-id and agent-id are defined by the forwarding equipment, and do 
not have to be printable ascii strings.


On 06/29/10 11:38, Blake Griffin wrote:
> Ran into a problem logging AID and CID information using the
> on commit
> {
> log (info, concat(
> "==> STB Lease ",binary-to-ascii(10, 8, ".", leased-address),
> " from MAC ",binary-to-ascii(16,8,":",substring(hardware,1,6)),
> " (",pick-first-value(option host-name,"---"),")",
> " assigned to AID: ",pick-first-value(option agent.remote-id,"---"),
> " CID: ",pick-first-value(option agent.circuit-id,"---"),
> " has committed"
> ));
> }
> This should result in a log message like this:
> ==> DATA Lease from MAC 0:30:18:b0:dd:74 (AMBER-NEW)
> assigned to AID: N1-2-8-1-1-OntEth1-1 CID: n1-1-vb11-464-vlan10 has
> committed
> However it does not. It ends after the AID entry unless I put in a
> substring statement with the exact number of characters. I then also
> have to do this for the CID as well to get the whole statement. The
> problem with this is that I believe the agent.remote-id and
> agent.circuit-id are variable. Can anyone explain to me this behavior
> and give me any direction on correcting it?
> Thanks,
> Blake
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