recording host assignment leases in leases db

Simon Hobson dhcp1 at
Mon Mar 1 21:00:56 UTC 2010

Blake Hudson wrote:

>  > Would reserved leases work for you ?
>>  Only available in the latest versions, you can add the statement
>>  "reserved;" to a lease and it will then be tied to that client - it
>>  will not be re-allocated to any other client. Apart from being tied to
>>  one client, it goes though the normal leases lifecycle and so will
>>  show active/expired as appropriate.
>>  The only way to set this is to stop the server, edit the leases file
>>  (add a skeleton lease record if required), and start the server again.
>It would work. However, it would involve manually adding the "skeleton
>lease" as you mention. This would, unfortunately, create a lot more work
>on the provisioning side and would likely result in a less robust
>solution than static host entries we use now.

COuld be automated, but yes, more work.

>Guess I was remembering incorrectly about the "option" to store these
>types of leases in the leases db.

Were you thinking of the option to force DNS updates for static assignments ?

Simon Hobson

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