Two subnets, one with PXE clients

Simon Hobson dhcp1 at
Wed Mar 3 08:16:23 UTC 2010

Osmany wrote:

>  > You do NOT need a separate network card for this, and in fact it will
>>  complicate matters if you do. You can add multiple IP addresses to
>>  one interface, use the "ip" command to do this, eg "ip addr add
>> dev eth0" will add to whatever is already
>>  configured on eth0. Ubuntu is Debian derived, so you can add this to
>>  /etc/network/interfaces to have it done automatically :
>>  auto eth0
>>  iface eth0 inet static
>>     address
>>     netmask
>>     up ip addr add dev eth0
>I tried to do this but when I did the dhcp3-server could not start
>because it detects multiple IPs on that interface. On the other hand
>when I add another NIC and configure it with the address I
>get the udhcpc nak on the client side. How can I solve this?

What did the server say ? It should work, and is working for others.

When you added the second NIC, the problem you got is the one I had 
in mind when I wrote "it will complicate matters if you do" !

Have you defined both subnets to be members of a shared network ? If 
not then you'll never get it working right.

Simon Hobson

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