howto change range in ha-setup?

Nils-Henner Krueger nhk at
Tue Mar 9 15:27:06 UTC 2010

What is the recommended way to alter a range definition in a ha

I'm running version 4.1.1 with failover configuration. Due to external
circumstances I will have to expand the ranges inside of subnet
configuration entries. This should be done with minimal interruption of
dhcp availability. What is the best way to achive this? I know that I
will have to restart the ha members for activating the change. Should I
restart down both servers at the time, or is it possible to to shutdown
only one at a time (by using the control object to inform the other
member) and restart it with the new configuration bevor taking down the
second one? Will I run into trouble with an inconsistent range
definition between the ha members? Will this be fixed as soon as I have
restarted both members?

Thanks for ideas.


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