how to ask a dhcp server to respond a petition only if a condition happens

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Tue Mar 16 04:02:45 UTC 2010

Hello list, this is my first question in a list, most of the times I had
found the answers in internet but not this time (I apologize for my english
I speak spanish)

My problem is this, I have two dhcp server (dhcp3) in the same network, this
network is a link layer network so every host is seen as directly connected.
The two servers have debian lenny and there are near 13 AP mikrotik to give
connection to the XO laptops (from the project one laptop per child). This
is for two public schools (each one with one server) that are connected via
a p2p connection and each one provides internet for the school and outdoor
too. The servers are also file servers, proxy, etc.

Each time a laptop asks for an IP, it sends a broadcast message and this
petition gets to both servers, now a days the first server that reply is the
one the laptop associate with. What I want to do is, knowing the bandwith
use of the ADSL, the clients connected to the server, and the cost to the AP
that the laptop associate with, decide wich is the best server to be
connected to. What I want to achive is to balance the load and to decide the
optimum connection, because now it could happen that one server is very
loaded and the other is free.

I tried to run dhcp with inetd and use tcp wrappers to invoke a script to
check a condition before responding and, in case to be the best server,
reply to the laptop, but i couldn't get the dhcp server to respond when I
run it with inetd. Actually I don't know if this is the best thing to do to
solve the problem

here is my inetd.conf
bootps dgram udp wait root /usr/sbin/tcpd dhcpd3

thank you very much for your help
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