[SPAM] Re: [SPAM] Broadcast address leased to a client *Again*

Sten Carlsen stenc at s-carlsen.dk
Wed Mar 17 17:32:50 UTC 2010

Why not use a script to generate the conf file from the old? Easy manual
work, function as you wish and when the problem goes away, just drop the
script step.

Daniel D. Gonçalves wrote:
> Simon Hobson escreveu:
>> Daniel D. Gonçalves wrote:
>>> I configured a network
>>> subnet netmask {
>>>     pool {
>>>         range;
>>>        ...
>>>     }
>>> The problem is that some customers take the final IP "0" and "255".
>>> What should I do to not get these IPs ?
>> As Justin Demaris says, it **should** not cause a problem - they are
>> NOT broadcast or network addresses. The network address (note
>> singular) is, the broadcast address (again, note singular)
>> is That is basic level IP addressing stuff.
>> Addresses in between (eg are not broadcast addresses
>> even if they end in 0 or 255.
>> However, there have been reports on this list in the past that some
>> devices running bad code do "get it wrong" when presented with such
>> an address/netmask - and if you have any such devices then you may
>> want to exclude them from your pool (as others have described).
> Yes, and my problem is just with devices that do not accept these IPs
> ending "0" and "255".
> The solution using multiple range statements works, but I consider it
> very boring...
> I would like something more practical, someone able to create a patch
> to not use the IPs ending "0" and "255" within a range ?
> Thanks,
> Daniel
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