Friesen, Don SSBC:EX Don.Friesen at gov.bc.ca
Thu Mar 18 15:49:29 UTC 2010

>"the address is no longer available" would refer to a situation where 
>the address is either leased to another client, or is in a range 
>where access conditions (allow/deny) prohibit that client from being 
>given the address.

   This also happens when a client has a lease on an pool address, and 
requests a renewal, but the server has been reconfigured to assign 
that client to a different fixed-address.

   Note that the NAK will not reach a remote client, the remote client 
will continue to use the leased address until the lease expires and it 
is forced to REBIND.  Since the address it has is a valid routable 
address for the network it is on, you either have to wait the lease out 
or get the client to relinquish the lease manually, as the NAK won't 
work (NAKs are broadcast on the local server segment only).


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