DNS Search List

Matt Causey matt.causey at gmail.com
Sat Mar 20 06:20:27 UTC 2010

I am sure this has been discussed, but I sure can't find any reference
to it...so I'll ask (again, most likely...).  :-)

There doesn't appear to be a good way to specify a DNS search list in
ISC dhcpd (or other implementations I've seen, for that matter).
There is 'domain-name' - which is great, as long as you just need the
one domain.  There are probably lots of good reasons that this is the
case.  But what if I had multiple domains I wanted in the client's
search list dynamically?

Our clients are a mix of Windows and PXE booted linux clients.  The
linux ones are udhcpd (busybox), ISC dhcpcd, and of course the lame
dhcp client that comes on the boot ROM.  The server is linux ISC.

We can solve it easily for the windows clients, that's just a group
policy thing, or some kind of registry hack.

But what about the linux clients?  Is there a way to tell the ISC dhcp
client to accept the domain-name from the server, AND source a locally
known list?

For example...I have company.com.  I have site.company.com for each
remote site.   In today's config, clients get a domain option of
'site.company.com'...which obviously corresponds to the site they are

What I would like, is for clients to have a search list like this:

company.com <-----hard-coded on the ISC dhcp client somehow
site.company.com <---handed out via dhcpd

Can the ISC dhcp client be configured to do this?  What are your thoughts?



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