Multiple IP Ranges - Single interface

Amardeep Singh deep at
Mon Mar 22 20:12:33 UTC 2010



I need configuring multi ip ranges on single physical eth0 interface.

I am using ISC DHCPd version 3.1.2

Here is the scenario:


Relay-Agent-----(Gi)Cisco router(Fa)-----Layer 3 Switch-----DHCP SERVER


Relay Agent

ip address



ip address

ip address Secondary

ip address Secondary

ip address Secondary

ip helper-address



ip address



ip address


eth0(Dhcp server)

ip address



ISC dhcpd

Leases to offer from following: /25 /29 /28 /27


Also Static hosts (MAC to IP) assignment, not automatic Ip.


So shall I make Share-network for each range or bind them together under
single shared-network.

It's a single physical network.




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